Through the Technical Design We elaborate the technical documentation of building projects, carry out rethinking works and manage the documentary control for their execution, respecting the current regulations and the established quality, safety and environmental conditions.

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The Technical Design gives us the possibility of exercising the following works:

  • Participate in the writing of written documentation of building projects by preparing reports, specifications, measurements, budgets and other studies required using computer applications.
  • Prepare the graphic documentation of building projects through the representation of the necessary plans for their definition, using computer-aided computer applications.
  • Pre-dimension and, where appropriate, dimension under the instructions of the person in charge optional elements of the plumbing, sanitation, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, telecommunications and building special installations, applying established calculation procedures and interpreting the results.
  • Pre-dimension elements of building structures and, where appropriate, collaborate in their definition, operating with computer applications under the instructions of the person in charge.
  • Develop models, plans and presentations in 2D and 3D to facilitate the visualization and understanding of building projects.
  • Manage the documentation of projects and building works, reproducing and organizing it according to the established quality criteria.
  • Evaluate projects and works generating budgets according to the information of chapters and items and / or offers received.
  • Prepare plans / programs, performing basic calculations of yields, to allow control of the drafting phase of the project, the contracting process and the execution phase of building works.
  • Prepare work certifications, adjusting the valued relationships to the approved measurements to proceed with their issuance and billing.
  • Intervene in the energy qualification of buildings in project or built, collaborating in the certification process using tools and computer programs approved for this purpose.

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